the rise of O*S*A*M*A

every morning this past week, riding the B61, i've been checking out the incredibly rapid destruction of the gorgeous, circa 1885 hackett building.

when i first noticed the scaffolding and the removed windows, i had (naively) thought the building was being renovated into new apartments. but instead this glossy shiny and ultimately pretty boring bauble will be built.

i am completely baffled by the ubiquity of these glass boxes. i believe that city populations are increasing because the sons and daughters of the Levittown generation are fleeing suburban uniformity and automotive isolation.

i read somewhere yesterday, that soon Long Island City will be known as O*S*A*M*A - that is One*Stop*Away*From*Manhattan. And also just happens to be an appropriate moniker for the Bedford*Zoo.



At 3/01/2007 10:16 AM, Blogger Marketa New York said...

You know it's bad when FIT offers a "seminar" class survey of Williamsburg and it's growing influence on art, design, architecture and fashion. A class trip to the neighborhood included.


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