carbon caps and bike racks

first posting in a while! let's just say that the holidaze have me in a tizzy

so number one - give the gift of C02 regulation. many of you have probably heard that a coalition of states including New York, have sued the EPA for failing to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant. while the feds and the supreme court hems and haws over whether or not there is enough proof that carbon dioxide as a pollutant, many states are not waiting for the administration to get off their asses

so what does this have to do with giving? well basically:

The New York State Dept of Environmental Conservation has issued the first draft of a set of rules to implement the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative which is a cooperative effort by several northeastern states to establish this country's first multi-state cap-and-trade program for C02.
New York’s preliminary draft rule provides for the auction of 100 percent of emissions allowances, and was accompanied by the release of two documents in which the Department of Environmental Conservation specifically and emphatically rebutted electricity generators’ arguments that such an approach would increase costs to consumers and businesses and constituted a “risky” and “unprecedented” policy approach. The money from the auctions will then be used to fund substantially expanded programs promoting energy efficiency measures and renewable energy generating capacity in the state, enhancing consumers’ and businesses’ energy security and actually lowering their overall energy bills. The New York proposal is especially laudable and important because it sets a strong precedent for other states as they craft their rules.

via union of concerned scientists

when a proposed state rule is in draft form, the public is invited to comment on the draft ruling (not that anyone is ever told about this, of course). so... i suggest that your gift to your community this year should be to submit comments supporting the draft rule and its implementation, which you can do through the IUCN website.

number two - welcome news for those L train riding cyclists - DOT has plans to sacrifice five car parking spots in order to expand the sidewalk and put in more bike racks at the bedford stop.




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