two versus four

one of the nice things about this unnervingly warm november we've been having, is that bicycling has continued to be a viable means of transportation around the borough. friday's weather was enchanting, sunny with the mercury exceeding sixty degrees fahrenheit.

tony and i decided to ride our bikes to the brooklyn academy of music to see the movie borat. our excursion turned out to be far more eventful than we could've ever imagined.

crossing mcguinness boulevard, trucks whizzed by as we rode across the street. i'm not a very good rider, this summer having been the first time in seven years that i've ridden a bicycle! so, afraid of being caught between one of those big white box lorries and the curb i rode up onto the sidewalk for one block. tony and i were promptly pulled over by some apparently p.m.s.-ing and bored officers of the ninety-forth precinct and issued summonses for riding on the sidewalk. we have to go to court! rather than the lorry driver that almost ran us over.

coming back from bam - an erratically swerving SUV almost crashes into tony, who reacted in the only reasonable way - giving the driver the finger. at the next intersection, the SUV screeches to a halt - and the driver, a burly man, jumps out of the car and yells at tony and threatens to beat him up. wow.

it is experiences like these that make me really appreciate the efforts of groups such as transportation alternatives and the goals of critical mass. it reminds me that it is not only regular riders who are victimized by arrogant drivers, like noah.

share the road, you assholes!



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