foamy snow

a couple of random thoughts for today as i procrastinate through my lunch hour:

habitat for humanity is building a house out of styrofoam in bedstuy, which i'm assuming won't look as crappy as say, old styrofoam coolers after a couple of uses, or the gross used cups that wash up on the beach. at least you know that your house won't biodegrade (in the daily news via curbed). now if only these were blocks made out of recycled styrofoam...

in other news - it is yet another day of 60+ degree weather in nyc... and it's the end of november. helloOO? if i hear another person say "what nice weather we're having" i'm going to lose my marbles (or s/he will lose some teeth). i'm not someone who is typically eager for the cold weather, but i do like the seasons to behave, well, like seasons. and apparently, so do the organizers of the skiing world cup . but since its possible to use a ski resort as a water park in the summers - we could have the world cup of waterskiing in the alps.

and now, to finish off the last of my thanksgiving genocide leftovers.


At 11/28/2006 8:55 AM, Blogger Marketa New York said...

Crazy, this weather! I got a fucking mosquito bite last night. WTF!!!


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