virtually pardoned

a glimpse of the future shows us how W one-ups our friend Bill by setting up an e-commerce site called prez pardons:
President Bush plans to "use the Prez Pardons site on the Internets to hopefully make a little extra money before my presidency is all over. I mean, the president pension is chicken feed."
Prez Pardons provides simple instructions, testimonials from satisfied customers, and single-click purchasing for any convicted felon in need of pardon, according to the press release.
and by the way if you haven't yet committed a crime, a bonus feature of using prez pardons is that the pardons can be used later when you actually get convicted!

satisfied customers include donald rumsfeld, scooter libby, jeffrey skilling, tom delay, jack abramoff, every halliburton executive ever and um, president bush.

i wonder if mark foley knows about this yet?



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