yeah, i've been a-slacking, as lately life has been more interesting than the internet - when i'm not at work, that is.

updateness... more wedding photos can now be found here. i particularly like the one of the college-girlfriends-clan. also known as the staff photo of the world-saving collective i'd start if i ever win the lottery or maybe... maybe even the genius grant? (yeah right)

anyhoo... from left to right (excluding me) we have:
- superstar organizer for a major non-profit helping impoverished children in-need around the world
- dedicated environmental science teacher / activist type lady
- the budding green architect and ex-environmental fundraiser
- the genius multi-lingual ecologist

which basically leaves me as the general bullshit-handler and fire-putter-outter, which is okay with me. along with being the boss, of course.


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