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on monday i went to the opening party of my friend seamus's new restaurant, called boqueria after the big crazy market in barcelona. nothing quite like free food and drinks to get me into manhattan!

anyways - the synopsis? seamus makes some crazy high-tech goodies, some crazy good seafood, the best paella ever, amazingly decadent dates wrapped in bacon... and two colours of sangria. high tech as in one of the offerings was some sort of crunchy grilled cheese lollipop... there was also a awesome cold soup - served up in a shot glass with a piece of bacon - initially described to me as a "ham shot" (similar to meat injection?) but was really good and actually didn't taste like ham at all. interior is simple gorgeous and comfy, although the curved tile corner near the back turned out to redirect sound a little too well. and if seamus really does appear in today's women's wear daily with a tight shirt on (is it wet?) we'll have to set up some sort of holding corral outside.

and it was even legitimately reviewed!

53 W. 19th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-255-4160
In the incredibly successful wake of spots like Tía Pol and Casa Mono, the appetite for all things Spanish shows no signs of subsiding. This week, the Catalonian-inspired Boqueria rises from the Alsatian ashes of the former L’Acajou. Suba owner Yann de Rochefort named his new spot for Barcelona’s famed market, and outfitted it with a marble tapas bar and counter-height dining and communal tables. Chef Seamus Mullen, who spent time in Spanish kitchens between stints at Crudo and Brasserie 8∏, divides his menu into pintxos (here, mostly skewers); traditional tapas; media raciones, or small plates like oil-poached eggs; and larger raciones like cuttlefish with English peas and mint (pictured).



At 8/19/2006 9:09 AM, Blogger Marketa New York said...

I'll keep my eyes open when I skim through WWD :)
mmmmm... paella, me must go check it out. me like paella very much, me love it long time


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