moving drama no. 1

this is called moving drama no. 1, because i'm sure to have another one coming. it's been going a little too well so far... it appears i have enough boxes, i actually have bubble wrap to swaddle my pieces in (even one casualty is too many), i have found homes for everything except the couch, my magazine subscriptions are already changed. i felt i could reward myself with a beer from the bodega. i go to unlock the apartment door to - er. nothing. the latch turned but the door did not open. two more days in this place where i've lived for six years, and the lock breaks now. thankfully, i have good friends that can leave their non-works and be helpful without laughing too hard, and i ended up escaping through the previously unbreached hatch on the roof, which could only be opened from the other side, of course, not that i had any dynamite handy. makes me think that maybe those escape roof ladder things may not just be for the superparanoid. a parachute would be more fun but at this height i imagine i'll hit the ground before the damn thing opens. maybe a glider?

is this is a sign that i should, or should not, be leaving?


At 7/05/2006 7:47 PM, Blogger Marketa New York said...

Are you already in the new digs?


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