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grow your own, originally uploaded by thixotropic.

and i thought i waited a long time to move into my new flat.

ignoring for the moment that this is a conceptual design - if we use the species proposed by the designers, if i want one of these, i better get started now - so that my great-grandchildren could live in one!

a tree ring study we just finished says that it can take over 80 years for an oak to reach a 40 inch diameter in queens... falling quite short of the twenty-five year timeframe illustrated here.

a faster house could be built using the proposed elm trees (up to 51 inches diameter in 50 years) but then you just might lose your house to a foreign fungus.

but it's still really, really cool, and makes me wonder how long it takes to grow a single house's worth of wood...

actually, this also reminds me of the strangler figs that i saw in australia and panama except that these trees aren't trying to kill each other; even though it was great fun to climb up to the canopy from inside a hollow fig tree.

anyways. for more detail check out the full proposal here.


At 7/21/2006 5:33 PM, Anonymous dan said...

But where's the balcony?


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