one of the things about moving, is that you discover things that well, you forgot that you owned. while some discoveries were a bit more, um, exciting than others, i also found a massive and completely incomprehensible geological map of canyonlands national park, where i had gone backpacking for a week almost ten(!!) years ago, in the needles district. i will hopefully come up with some low cost framing solution so it can take over a wall... we'll see.

i find maps super-interesting - even the incomprehensible ones. and with the whole hackable google maps situation, interactive maps are now ubiquitious; such useful ones like housingmaps (especially when cross-referenced with a climate change sea level rise map. however, i haven't been able to find one more fun (or more time-wastable at work) than one of overheard in ny quotes. gems found so far include:
in williamsburg - Woman: Yeah, well, I'm gonna slap the fuckin' lesbian right out of her!


at the met - Girl #1: So did you guys fuck all night?
Girl #2: Yeah, till I had to stop to smoke a cigarette because I needed to throw up...I felt so fat just laying there while he rabbit-humped me.


in williamsburg again - Woman on cell: Why do you have to tease me by pooping at your house?


Hipster guy: I need a woman to love me so I can alienate her. The love part, that's where it gets difficult.
Girl #1: Oh, come on. It's so easy to find a needy bitch.
Girl #2: Have you tried AA?

careful. it's addictive!


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