business trips

are strange journeys; i approach them with about as much enthusiasm as a trip to the dentist. especially when first a gaggle of teenagers holds up your flight for an hour, only to then sit on the runway for another hour waiting for some thunderstorms to clear through; and then the hotel bed just sucks and you wake up aching like you'd been hit by a train - all to give a ten minute presentation so that folks know you as the girl from nyc who does that tree stuff.

and of course, to have people from last year's meeting come up and say that they missed me at the bar last night (my absence due to the aforementioned teenager/thunderstorm interaction) in my role as the queen of drunken shuffleboard. so would that go on a resume under special skills? i wonder.


At 6/22/2006 9:46 AM, Blogger Marketa New York said...

Don't you rent the porn while in the hotel? Most of them at least have Deep Throat...


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