drinking locally... kinda

so freddy's bar and back room has been a fixture in the brooklyn music scene for a while now, and it's been one of my favorite bars ever since i first went there for the old-time jam - a musicians' gathering where the only rule is that the song played shall be more than fifty years old. Freddy's has been very active in the fight against the Atlantic Yards project, where Bruce Ratner proposes to build towers as tall as the williamsburg bank building, which has long been the signature profile in the downtown brooklyn skyline. if you google map the building's location, you can see how tall the building is in the satellite photo (alternatively, download this awesome KMZ file for Google Earth which gives you a 3D visualization of the project). Ratner proposes several towers at least as tall as the bank building itself. the basic issue is that the community does not what huge skyscrapers taking over their neighborhood. having seen this first hand in a number of contexts - williamsburg and shanghai - i don't really blame them.

but, back to the bar. i've long been a fan of the brooklyn brewery, it being based in my neighborhood - pro-local business, etc etc etc. well, it turns out that the brewery's president supports the Ratner project, so
Freddy’s Bar & Backroom removed their Brooklyn Lager tap last night —- after it sold its last pint of the brew — and replaced it with Canada’s Labatt Blue. But the bar is keeping the neon “Brooklyn Lager” sign in the window — now covered by a red plastic circle and a slash.

via metro

Labatt Blue! That's the beer of my far north childhood (think fake ids and carefully planned Beer Store expeditions), with hysterical ads that only a canadian would know about.



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