shipwrecks, squid and mormons

yesterday andrew and i spent the better part of the day driving around staten island eating munchkins from dunkin' donuts (okay, maybe i ate most of them), when we happened across a boat graveyard, which initiated a U-turn that very nicely showed off the tight turning radius of the prius. too bad we couldn't stay very long - because clearly there is more than a little bit of adventuring to be done here!

other things of note:
- in a nice case of art informing science, damien hirst gives advice on how to preserve a 8.6 metre long giant squid to the London Natural History Museum.
The team then needed to find someone to build a glass tank which could not only hold the huge creature, but could leave the squid accessible for future scientific research, and they decided to draw upon the knowledge of an artist famed for displaying preserved dead animals.

"We contacted Damien Hirst's group after seeing their animals preserved in formalin. They put us in touch with a company who could make these tanks," explained Mr Ablett.
- Mormons dig evolution! Utah's state legislators voted down a bill intended to discredit evolution in the classroom.
The Origins of Life bill, in its initial form, would have required teachers to issue a disclaimer to their students saying that not all scientists agree about evolution and the origin of species. It did not mention any alternative theory to Darwinism, but was viewed by some supporters and opponents as part of the drive to encourage the teaching of intelligent design, which says that life is too complicated to have evolved without an architect.

Some Mormon legislators opposed the bill because they agreed with Mr. Urquhart that science and religion should remain separate, others because they thought intelligent design was not in keeping with traditional Mormon belief.
it's really too bad the article didn't elaborate on this last explanation! does anyone know what they might have been referring to?



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