fantasy maintenance

i actually remember having heard about the company realdoll several years ago; however, i never realized that the maintenance of these toys was so complicated!
Very tight or binding straps left on your doll over an extended period can form dents in the flesh, as on a real person. It is therefore preferable to store your doll in the nude.
To avoid damage to painted areas such as the face, nipples, and vagina, avoid rubbing these areas without lubrication.
Special note for cleaning the oral entry: Carefully remove the tongue from your doll’s mouth with your fingers; it should come out easily when the mouth is lubricated. Rinse the tongue separately and replace it once the orifice is clean.
For times when you wish to use your REALdoll in the “face down” positions, it is highly recommended that you remove her face. This will absolutely save on wear and tear AND eyelashes!

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and apparently, while there are several options for building your very own sexy lady, there is only one type of man that is desirable. somehow, that just seems unfair.



At 5/22/2006 2:38 PM, Anonymous tony said...

There may be only one man to choose from, but you can also get the SheMale Real Doll.. now that's hot. ...Yes, I'm still reading your blog. No, I never even met up with my ex-, which was a mistake for me to even consider.


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