infrastructure + shopping carts

so most people know that i’m a total city nerd – i love knowing about things like how to get onto the high line, the beaches at floyd bennett field, the ramshackle piers in williamsburg, random train lines in bushwick and where the office of emergency management is. i just got the most perfect book to satisfy my thirst for random new york city-isms. the works: anatomy of a city by kate ascher (who is a mover and shaker with the n.y.c. e.d.c.) explains how this crazy metropolis works, everything from the subways to the bridges to how pot holes form, how street cleaning machines and sewers work - and did you know there's a special machine for cleaning the holland tunnel? and is filled with other fun facts like how the average n.y.c. resident uses half as much power as an average american. if nothing else the book promises to be a fascinating description of the interconnected systems that makes this city go and how they evolved over time. i'm so thrilled.

on another note: since the L train is not running this weekend, thankfully cutting brooklyn off from the rest of the city, this absurd shopping cart race the idiotarod might just be the most fun alternative transportation method for getting from brooklyn to manhattan this weekend, leaving williamsburg at 2.30 p.m. on sunday. note that riding in the shopping cart is not recommended. too bad this wasn’t an option during the transit strike! although i don't think there are enough shopping carts to satisfy demand in a city that doesn't have very many big concrete boxes surrounded by oceans of asphalt.



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