missing an arm

so i've been having internet issues at my house lately - in an i.s.p. switch that maybe won't end up saving me money after all? i had a slower-than-dialup connection, and once that was fixed, it turned out that someone maliciously ripped out my connection in the neighborhood phone box, and replace it with their own! all of this involved crawling around on the roof and down the side of my building to trace where the connection was broken. i feel like i now have had half of verizon's brooklyn techs in my apartment. anyways.

not having the internet at home was surprisingly annoying. i'm sure i'm not the first to realize how much i take the internet for granted. frustrating to have to wait the extra ten minutes before getting the weather report for the day. and during that time, all sorts of fun stuff had been sent to me, like this history of pornography which was sent to me at work (and made me realize how loose our content filters are!) and this great swiffer robot. and also made me realize that i spend a lot of time on the internet. hooray for procrastination.


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