a little bit of promotion

okay, so happening soon in the neighborhood:

my friend marketa will be selling her awesome handbags at this shopping fair being held at the warsaw on december 17. the last time i was at the warsaw i saw one of my favorite band ever, the national. i wonder if we can get beers from the bar for shopping with.

music wise - wednesday dec 7th is going to be a big music night, with two of my friend's bands playing in the neighborhood.

peter will be drumming at in his band hurry up offense in the girls against boys battle of the indie rock bands at trash bar. as much as i love pete and h.u.o., i'm hoping that the girls will win.

jay will be playing in his band breakup breakdown at northsix. they are also the featured band on pure volume, starting this week. they were recently signed to Cordless, a new imprint of Warner, a Jack Holzman (famous for discovering The Doors among others) project. hooray! click here and listen to their tracks and let's boost their numbers...



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