how could anyone resist a pitch like this?
Howdy All,

To show you how bad I am at the kind of shameless self-promotion they were always telling us in film school it was necessary to master if we ever hoped to make it in the film business, which like any other responds only to the cold, cruel demands of the market (OK, they didn't put it exactly like that; maybe I've been reading too much Marx, or Saint Matthew) - my student film THE GULF, about a young Marine coming home from the first Gulf War, was picked up for distribution by the National Film Network and I forgot to tell anyone. It was picked up about a year ago. Maybe a year and a half. Could be two. I don't remember exactly. Anyway, it was a while ago. Every quarter they send me a royalty statement for zip, zero, nada, bupkus. It occured to me that my faith in the promotional capabilities of a tiny documentary distributor might be misplaced. So I'm writing you.

I'm not asking you to buy my film - although at the remarkably low price of $14.95, there's no denying it's a bargain - no, the angle NFN is promoting, which makes a lot of sense, is to sell the film to schools, universities, etc. So if you know anyone who teaches, or knows a teacher, especially of history and related subjects, would you kindly forward the link below? The Gulf is a work I remain very proud of, and now that we find ourselves in the middle of a second Gulf war, one that I believe is still relevant. One caveat: as those who know me would guess, the film is full of black humor, minor sexual innuendo, and some profanity So what's not for a high school student to like?

Thank you, sorry for my lack of shame, and all the best,




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