good green stuff

to digress from travel writing a little bit, here are some consumption-related environment news.

october is nyc's electronics recycling month. remember throwing away electronics is bad bad bad - both in terms of potentially toxic components and also because they contain valuable components / parts / materials (i.e precious metals) that can be reused. this is exactly what someone we met on the train back from hangzhou makes a lot of money doing. the chinese are buying containers of thrown away computers and recycling all the materials - including the plastic - as much as possible AND turning a profit. it's a bit alarming that even given this fact, companies like hp ask me to pay them to recycle my electronics - they are making money at both ends.

on a slightly different sustainability note, my friend robyn is participating in a design/build competition for solar powered houses sponsored by none other than the department of energy. the house is being assembled on the mall as we speak by the project team. all participant projects are on display at the national mall in washington, d.c.. nice timing, given the oh so fun gas prices on top of what is forecasted to be a cold winter!



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