east river art installation

i know the weather report says rain, but i think that some things might be better viewed in dreary gray light. for example, come and check out dave melrose's awesome sculpture "Life Preserver" in the East River this weekend at the DUMBO arts festival, which will also happen to be full of other cool stuff that i'm not cool enough to know about. or just wait until the weather is nice on sunday, and come check it out then. and yes, it's really going to float in the river, and will be visible from the little inlet right between the state park and the city park (brooklyn bridge park?).

Life Preserver 2005, originally uploaded by thixotropic.

i also know that i've been amiss in writing up my trip to shanghai, but it seems like nobody minds at all. as i'm getting around to catching up with everyone, it seems like most people are happy with the "it's like nyc on speed" description. i'll still get around to writing about stuff and posting pictures, if only to preserve the fading memories, but if you really really can't wait, go and see some pictures here.



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