another gorgeous september day

today is my niece's birthday. she just turned four. this morning my brother called (at what seemed ridiculously early to a dehydrated drunken brain) to tell me that the inflatable trampoline i had bought her was a huge hit at the birthday party. apparently trampolines are amazing babysitters, allowing the grown-ups to hang out and discuss grown-up types of things.

today of course, is also the day that those airplanes crashed into those towers - now eerily recalled with twin spotlights shining up to the sky. i spent the afternoon watching friends put on a dance performance remembering 9.11 in central park. i was convinced that one of the many law enforcement representatives were going to call off the clearly unpermitted, and quite political show, but apparently none of them found a ballet-dancing george bush offensive.

birthdays, creative protest, and towers of light. life does just go on.


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