little teeny needles

so through a pretty circuitious route (mom -> tai chi -> a tuina see-fu -> his flushing, ny girlfriend -> mott street) i found myself walking into a tiny storefront no bigger than my bathroom in chinatown. it was like friendster, but without the web part. the smell was so amazing - when i walked in, i felt for a moment like i was seven, walking into the chinese herbalist where my mom had bought all our medicines. in the back, was a tiny curtained off section where the doctor practised acupuncture. i was there because i want my arm to stop going numb and keeping me up at night. but basically, within 5 minutes of taking my pulse on both wrists, i was told what my symptoms were (yes yes yes) and the cause (previously confirmed through multiple scans and radioactive assaults), and that after today i would sleep better.

last night was my first real nights sleep in weeks - i was actually happy to wake up this morning. there's something to be said for methods that have evolved over thousands of years, i think.



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