not the siren festival

yesterday we went to governor's island which is one of the stranger places i've been to in nyc; it involved taking a ferry, all to check out the opening day of set and drift. the art was ok, the best were two pieces that keyed off the old officer's houses, spawning quotes such as "it's like the house vomited" and "it's just so pretty".

it's also funny how your neighborhood comes back and bites you - part of the evening involved a screening of some short films by rooftop films, which i remember many years ago originating on a rooftop in bushwick; so different from governor's island! the show then involved walking through a loft that clearly somebody lived in, as well as dodging the ol' bullets flying around the neighborhood, and several kegs. All very different from the oh-so-fun national park service guy that confiscated our wine as we boarded the ferry. grrr. i guess at least he let us keep our smoked fish.



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