but i love bmws...

never mind that the epa tried to suppress the fuel economy report on the eve of the signing of the energy policy (at the bidding of the administration i'm sure), but sadly there's also a reason to not love bmws (well, as much as i do now, anyways)
Some foreign companies do not even trouble themselves to follow fuel economy regulations. BMW, in fact, has paid more than $70 million in fines since the 2000 model year for noncompliance. The company has argued that American fuel regulations, which are taken as an average over a company's entire fleet, put luxury makers at a disadvantage.

"We sell the ultimate driving machine and people expect us to offer them the kind of BMW vehicles they really want to drive," said Dave Buchko, a spokesman.

from the nytimes

but there lies the paradox right? we as a species hurtling towards what feels good and is fun - for me. driving a bmw is so fun! meanwhile, we're going to cook ourselves right out of this nice home we have, even though a couple billion of us have signed to trying to do prevent that. a pot of boiling lobsters comes to mind.

i don't like to rant for too much about a war that is so distant and buffered from us that it has virtually no impact on our daily lives, cleverly engineered by fatcats to keep shoveling more and more resources at an effort that made no sense from the beginning. it's like endless credit to buy all the things we can't afford; household debt being a nice, individual level analogy.

but just think, if we drove (and used) less, maybe we won't have an obesity epidemic, either?



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