bambi strikes again

clearly i'm a bitter and evil person because i am appalled by this better-than-Disney account of a rescued fawn being taken in by the family dog.

some immediate thoughts come to mind:

it's a deer (there are too many of them anyways)

the family should triple check it for ticks (lyme disease)

the hilarious mental image of a full-grown deer trying to snuggle on someone's lap on the couch

it's the attack of the warm fuzzies - ironic because this is exactly what environmentalists want people to feel when they see small baby animals - that we must protect them. unfortunately i feel that this has worked all too well - people care so much about the glamour species that are endlessly promoted as poster children. so much so that less aesthetic and impressive fauna can only hope to be lucky enough to live in the same place as one of them. the cuteness factor dominates in cultural ideas of nurturing nature - everything else is scary and potentially dangerous, unknown or mysterious (as illustrated by television nature programming?). and i think we all lose in the long-term as a consequence of these ideas, except maybe for that little deer.



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