on scientific integrity and slacking off.

so. i haven't written in a while.

since then, i've turned a piece of my research into art for a show at a non-profit, seen star wars twice and now want to watch return of the jedi again just so i can see the whole emperor-vader-luke dynamic with new understanding, gotten sunburned, gone to bbqs, finished planting my garden which for the first time ever has really impressed visitors (all the lilies are in full bloom right now!), saw interpol and the pixies at jones beach... in general, ignoring my larger commitment to science - i.e. researching and rewriting some things for publication.

i probably made up for that today, and then some. tomorrow will be fun - i've made a stand for scientific integrity, may have possibly put a major research project on some seriously shaky ground, all at the draft report stage. the only thing i can say is that i've mentioned the issue to them before now. and tomorrow i get to be on a call with said project group. at least i won't need to be in the same room as anyone.

but this is messing with my nerves a bit more than expected. fuck. now i have an idea of how these guys felt when they called out poor science.


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