jane jacobs and the future of brooklyn

does this mean bloomberg is more powerful than moses? jane jacobs wrote a letter to the mayor defending williamsburg as we know it:
What the intelligently worked out plan devised by the community itself does not do is worth noticing. It does not destroy hundreds of manufacturing jobs, desperately needed by New York citizens and by the city’s stagnating and stunted manufacturing economy. The community’s plan does not cheat the future by neglecting to provide provisions for schools, daycare, recreational outdoor sports, and pleasant facilities for those things. The community’s plan does not promote new housing at the expense of both existing housing and imaginative and economical new shelter that residents can afford. The community’s plan does not violate the existing scale of the community, nor does it insult the visual and economic advantages of neighborhoods that are precisely of the kind that demonstrably attract artists and other live-work craftsmen, initiating spontaneous and self-organizing renewal.

via the brooklyn rail

i love cities because of their amazing energy and constant evolution - but there can't be any evolution if there is no variation to select from... removing the ability of the system to adapt to change. sound familiar yet?



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