blood culture

in tokyo, you can buy a condom to match your blood type. apparently this stems from the belief that blood type determines character.
[Masao Ohmura, a professor of personality psychology] suggests that because the Japanese are genetically quite a homogeneous people, grouping by blood was a way of achieving diversity -- if only the illusion of diversity. The population breaks down as 39.1 percent A, 29.4 percent O, 21.5 percent B and 10 percent AB. Ohmura also notes that it was believed that the four blood groups corresponded to the classes of feudal Japan: type O (confident and strong-willed) for warriors; type A (mild-mannered and submissive) for farmers; type AB (intelligent and sensitive) for artisans; and type B (cheerful and outgoing) for tradesmen.

from the japan times


if the differences aren't based on skin color, apparently culture will always find a way to create stereotypes and classes...

but why different condoms? do farmers need to have ribbed ones to please their ladies, and the warriors the magnum? are the ones for artisans decorated?

does something horrible happen if you wear the wrong blood type condom? doesn't the other person's blood type matter? that's ten possible combinations, right there.



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