there goes the neighborhood

rezoning for 40 story waterfront condos in williamsburg.
the dept of city planning shows us illustrative massing. now that's what i call jargon.

they forgot about the shadows those buildings will cast. so much for rooftop beers gazing at the sunset. at least personally, i have a power plant between me and the river, so hopefully i will get to continue to enjoy late afternoon sun. unless of course, my rent gets too astronomically high in the meantime. never mind surviving the pounds of particulate pollution!

but more importantly, this shows how little the community's development plan actually counts when it comes to the big bucks - whose interest reflects how far the neighborhood's come since its crack and crime ridden days. but even the folks up on madison ave think there's a better way to go than the city's plans.

the very last public city council hearing on this is at city hall tomorrow, april 4, at 1 pm. if you can't go, the waterfront warrior have created a nifty way to email all 50 city council members at once.

it's an election year folks - and the squeaky wheels get the oil. after all, we are still waiting to see if bruce ratner will end up taking out freddy's.

is this what brooklyn's renaissance is supposed to look like??



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