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this is a nation of caffeine addicts. and now the finishing school has built a very cool way to fight the creeping corporate coffee culture - www.delocator.net
Delocate is a web-verb created for this project as a defense mechanism for independent business establishments. The term is defined as an action that creates complex competition analysis. This is achieved by locating both the targeted corporation store(s), Starbucks in this case, and the independently owned alternative(s) based on their physical proximity using comparative online retail store locator technology. On the delocator.net web site, users are enlisted into a temporary coalition to post information about cafés in their neighborhood ... On the results page for each search, listings of both independently owned cafés and Starbucks retail stores are presented. By comparison of numeric quantity and site-specific detail, the viewer/searcher will see evidence of the unchecked aggression and power that corporate businesses have in our communities.
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okay so that's pretty darn cool, turning the marketing tool 'find a store' back against the chains that have so many that they need a database just to tell you about them.

lots of other ideas, for those of you willing to download and fiddle with the toolkit:
mom and pop hardware stores vs walmart
toy stores vs walmart
drugstores and pharmacies vs walmart
any independent store vs walmart

independent coffee stores are the anchor of any neighborhood. find one and go there.



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