the military themed escort / white house reporter

more jeff gannon!!!!

first of all, read the questions that he never got to ask in the white house briefing room (halfway down the page)

then, you can decide if you want to to buy any of the xxx domain names that he owned.

the sensational society has arrived, and now even the bloggers have gotten sucked into the spectacle. apparently you can now get money if you can prove jeff slept with anyone important

he's the next monica! how funny though that for the republicans it's a gay man with a military fetish.

remember there is a war going on over in iraq? genocide in the sudan? roll back of environmental rules? the u.s. wasn't part of kyoto?


i saw hotel rwanda and it was upsetting and sobering. my friend got really upset and angry, and wanted to know why no one did anything

maybe we were watching o.j. get chased by the cops, very slowly, right around then ?

i'm just saying.


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