the decline of the fourth estate

this blew my mind

Evolving Personalized Information Construct

it's slightly creepy that this has come to my attention just now, because last week i just started re-reading debord's society of the spectacle.

#32: the spectacle's function in society is the concrete manufacture of alienation.

in these times, we have ample evidence of the use of the spectacle to manufacture truth and erase history, and the consequences for what it means to live in a free society

more interesting to me, however, is the thesis that the role of the spectacle is to manufacture alienation. much has been written i'm sure, of the role of the internet community in bringing people together - but at what point does this reach the balance point, where one's community actually starts shrinking because of the ever increasing choices we have in our lives to seek out and find others who subscribe to our perspective. this narrowing of perspective makes me uncomfortable. encountering diversity of opinion, i.e. not demanding (and expecting) information that conforms to our existing world views, is the only way we will really ever find tolerance and democracy.

EPIC 2014 provides, a slick look forward into the future, with a past rooted firmly in recent events. it foretells a time in the near future, when technology facilitates the increasing personalization of content - google rules the world, to the point where news - the granddaddy of media content, if you will - is generated by algothithms tailored specifically to target the ever increasing amounts of information about our lives, in an increasingly digital world where more and more of our lives are lived on-line.


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